Neymar’s passing/playmaking- 2014/15 [Video]


Lionel Messi’s prolonged absence due to injury just maybe the best thing ever which happened to Barcelona and Neymar this season. The Brazilian has pushed his game to new levels in the absence of Lionel Messi and along with Luis Suarez set the pitch on fire. With talks of Nike replacing Ronaldo with Neymar as its prime brand ambassador,it is pretty clear who the second best player in the world at the moment is. Along with his laser like shooting, Neymar has improved immensely in all other aspects of his game.

Although Neymar had always beaten players with his trickery,the ease at which he is doing it at the moment makes him unstoppable. He destroyed Real’s left side in the clasico which so much ease that Barcelona could have scored double the number of goals they did.

Neymar’s form will only get better as Lionel Messi’s return will mean that he no longer is the most marked player by the opposition. He will have more time and space and with his overall game at a much higher level than earlier, Barcelona will become much more difficult to stop. Barcelona can  become the first team to retain the Champions League this season and looking at the form of Neymar, not many people will be betting against it.

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