5 players Manchester United should sign in January to become title contenders


Manchester United ended the transfer window by signing the unknown 19 year old Anthony Martial. Whether Martial will find it easy in the Premier League or will he be another signing like Bebe,only time can tell. But United do need reinforcements if they hope to challenge for the Premier League title especially with Manchester City in such blistering form.

Mats Hummels

Manchester United desperately need an experienced leader at the back. Daley Blind is not a long term solution and question marks remain over Marcos Rojo. Someone like Hummels will provide the much needed experience and calmness at the back which United have been missing.

Alexandre Lacazette

The Lyon forward has been coveted by various clubs in Europe this transfer window but ended up staying in Ligue 1. Surely another good season from Lacazette will alert big clubs all over Europe and Manchester United will do well to sign him first.

Aleksandar Dragovic

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As mentioned earlier Manchester United are in a desperate need for a new center back. To play a diamond or a 4-3-3 they need a defence in which the whole team has confidence in. Dinamo Kiev’s Dragovic might be a hit or miss signing,but at the rumoured 11 million pounds he can be bought at,United can afford to take the chance.

Ross Barkley

The Everton midfielder has started this season in blistering form and continued his impressive form for England against San Marino. Barkley’s ability to shrug of defenders and power through reminds one of a younger Wayne Rooney.

David De Gea

David De Gea has been Manchester United’s best player for the past two seasons and there is no question that he is one of the best in the world. Van Gaal and Woodward should do everything in their power to make him sign a new contract which will prevent him from leaving on free.

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  1. You can write as many names as you like. United have NO MONEY. When will people start realising and by the time they do, United will have rotted away to nothing and will need hundreds of millions spending on the team which they don’t have

    1. ARE YOU A FUCKING IDIOTTT!!!!!!? ahahhahaha You REALLY think Man Utd have NO MONEY!? PLEASE explain your stupidity please…!?

      1. Have a look at the accounts you half wit (And that’s being generous)
        Obviously an overseas supporter, never been to the swamp and detached from reality and United as well

          1. Another overseas muppet. You obviously read the papers and believe everything they say. As I said to the other retard, look at the accounts.
            They are in debt up their eyes. Last year, £ 350 million and they’ve spent over £ 200 million since and no champions league money since then. The next accounts will be interesting. Debt, by the way, is when you owe money to others. It means if they are in debt, they haven’t got any money. Is it sinking in now ???
            But in your institution, they may not allow you real facts

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