1000 years in Football Manager!


That’s right. You’re not seeing wrong. 1000 years of holidaying in FM15, in just England. I started this on March 4th and it took 58 days of simming to get to 1000 years. And now that it’s all over and the data is all compiled, I thought I’d share it with this sub, because why not? So, let us begin.

Now showing you the results of the PL, FA Cup and so on in in-game screenshots would take far too long, so I compiled a massive spreadsheet which showed how many times each club won, or placed second or third in, each of the major competitions in England, and also the EL and CL. I used a points system to determine which club was the best all time, using the system as follows.

PL 1st Place-5

PL 2nd Place-3

PL 3rd Place-1

FA Cup Win-5

FA Cup Runner-Up-2

League Cup Win-4

League Cup Runner-Up-1

Champions League Win-6

Champions League Runner-Up-3

Europa League Win-4

Europa League Runner-Up-1.5

I also documented how many seasons a club played in the Premier Division, though this had no effect on points. Note that I didn’t include results that happened before the start date. Since a screenshot history would be long and arduous, here is a brief rundown of the Premier League, 2014-3015.

2000s: The first surprise of the sim, was Derby winning the Premier League in 2021 with Southampton coming in 3rd. They fell pretty quickly, but then a surprisingly dominant Stoke took over, trading titles with Man U and occasionally Newcastle. Coventry also had a dominant spell, winning 6 titles in 7 years. Arsenal and Burnley entered the mix as contenders as well as Nottingham Forest and Blackburn. The century ended with a very dominant Man U.

2100s: This century started with a very powerful Stoke, as they won 7 titles in a row as well as 14 titles in 17 years. Later, Burnley became dominant as the PL turned into a power struggle between the 2 teams. Newcomers West Brom and Barnsley also stole some titles, especially Barnsley, who won quite a few in the last couple decades.

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2200s: With Stoke on the decline, a newcomer fills their spot: Sheffield United. They traded titles mostly with Man U, though later with Barnsley and Southend United. This century had no real dominance, as teams struggled to string titles together. Though teams such as MK Dons, Hull, and Plymouth came and went, the five big players were Sheffield, Arsenal, Barnsley, Southend, and Burnley.

2300s: Southend replaced Sheffield’s position of dominance, winning many titles early on. Cambridge, Chesterfield, and Hull were also contenders. 7 titles in a row marked an all-time high for Southend, as they hammered their opposition for the rest of the century, with occasional wins from Brighton, Barnsley, and Man City.

2400s: This century brought about Sunderland into relevance, who battled furiously with Southend, though small bouts of prowess from Sheffield, Man City, and Cambridge prodded them into relevance. Burnley also had a very good mid-century. Bristol Rovers, Reading, and Arsenal were also prominent late century.

2500s: This century started with battles between QPR, Burnley, and Southend for the title. Later, Plymouth, Tottenham, and Exeter were quite good, and even Barnsley was back. Sheffield tore up the PL mid-century including 8 titles in 9 seasons. A resurgent Arsenal ended the century.

2600s: This century followed similar to previous ones. Sheffield, Barnsley, Burnley, Southend, and Arsenal battled for the title, with occasional visits from other clubs into the top spot, including Sheffield Wednesday, Preston, Rotherham, and Plymouth. Later in the century, a dominant Crystal Palace won title after title, which amounted to 15 wins in 26 years.

2700s: Burnley started this century off with a bang, winning 7 in a row right off the bat. Burnley dominance continued with challenges from Plymouth, Liverpool, and Norwich. However Sheffield Utd. took their place with 10 titles in 11 seasons and ended the century in that way, along with wins from Brentford and Preston.

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2800s: The 2800s, or the dark years as I call them, started with Sheffield Utd. and Rotherham being the only 2 title winners for 30 years straight. And who stopped them? Burnley, with 10 successive titles. Arsenal finally broke the bore spell, which brought in new face Bromley, as well as Maidstone and QPR.

2900s and 3000s: The last century starts with a feud between Bromley and Burnley, which is broken up by Rotherham. This battle continues through until a resurgent Hull gets in the way. This opens the door for Brentford, Ipswich, and Man City to become regular title contenders. The 3000s turn into a struggle between Brentford, Ipswich, and Nottingham Forest with the very last title ever going to Hull City.

Of course I didn’t just do England. I payed attention to the World Cup too, the spreadsheet of which can be found here . Two interesting things I noticed was how powerful Venezuela and Ecuador became. England is also far and away the best nation (most likely due to me only loading England), and also it took the Netherlands until 2586 to win their first World Cup.



Most Successful Club: Sheffield United (2752.5 pts) (Honorable Mention: Burnley – 2749.5pts)

Most Consistent Club: Burnley (982 PL seasons) (Honorable Mention: Arsenal – 905 PL Seasons)

Highest PTS/Seasons Ratio: Stoke City (3.407) (Honorable Mention: Sheffield United – 3.114)

Worst FA Cup Final Record: Cardiff City (0-12) (Honorable Mention: Forest Green – 0-10)

Best PL Season Sheffield United – 101 pts


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  1. After some years (5-6) of simulation there are too many unknown players. The only games in wich I can accept a long time period are the online ones and the old Pro Evolution Soccer games (with the old players that returns after retirement with the age of 16).

    I had never play FM but same similar games, like FIFA MANAGER and Scudetto, some years ago.
    Even if these are different (and more simple) games, the career mode in every Fifa is my favourite modality and now I’m playing Online Soccer Manager.

    1. You should try Football Manager,easily the most realistic game among all. And because it is realistic,it is obviously more complex than the other games.

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