The Best Bets in Football: England’s Consummate Performers


Ask any sports bettor what the key to success is and they’ll often say that consistency is king. Knowing which football players will perform week in, week out is not only necessary for a manager, but also a plucky sports bettor. Of course, the latter’s predictions won’t influence the outcome of a game as the former’s will. However, the decisions each has to make before a game all often hinge on consistency.

Naturally, dips in form throughout a season will always happen whether you are a footballer, motor sport driver, jockey or even a combination. But there is always a crop of players you can rely on to produce the goods when the pressure is on. We’ve outlined the top picks for managers and sports bettors in terms of consistency.

Martin Skrtel: Any player who has to have his head stapled back together after a battle on the pitch is always going to be a good pick if you’re looking to back a champion. Whether it’s as a manager or as a sports bettor, looking for a weekend winner via their mobile, Liverpool’s Skrtel always delivers and often has the ability to save his team, even if all around him are faltering. As sure bets go, Skrtel is a great option for anyone with an eye on defensive play.

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Mile Jedinak: For any punter or manager, the time a player spends on the pitch is often a good indicator as to how useful they will be. Few are more consistent than Jedinak. The Crystal Palace midfielder played virtually every minute of the season back in 2013/2014 and used his captain’s armband to good effect. In fact, even though the Aussie suffered a tough injury  towards the close of the season, he still racked up more minutes than most on the pitch.


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Why are minutes on the pitch a good thing to look out for when picking a player? Because the more they play, the more chance they have to get you the result you’re looking for. Of course, if you’re a sports bettor, then you’ll need to employ a stop loss facility using a betting app if you’re sizing up a player such as Jedinak. A stop loss facility allows you to turn off the tap and not lose more than you can afford. Much like a manager resting a player for their own good, it’s necessary to implement such a feature if you’re betting on football.

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Daniel Sturridge: He may not have claimed the golden boot in 2013/2014, but Daniel Sturridge certainly proved that he can find the net on a regular basis last season after finishing as the EPL’s second top scorer. Twenty-two goals put Sturridge clear of Yaya Toure by two clear goals. One of the interesting stats surrounding Sturridge is that most of his goals were single efforts. Unlike some in the top five who bagged a bundle of braces and hat-tricks, Sturridge only had two instances of scoring two goals in a single Premier League game. Those two occasions came in the Merseyside derby against Everton and in a 4-3 win over Swansea.


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This means that throughout the season the young striker was almost guaranteed to find the back of the net in every other game and, despite nagging injuries, he always lifts the team when he’s involved. From a manager’s point of view, this sort of consistency is hugely appealing and for a sports bettor the knowledge that Sturridge will likely score at least once in a game is great for a winning strategy

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