Anti Brendan Rodgers Banner to be flown during the Chelsea game

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Ritesh Gogineni
Editor/Founder of The False 9.

A group of Liverpool fans are planning to fly a anti Brendan Rodgers banner during the Chelsea game. Brendan Rodgers has come in for criticism after Liverpool’s dismal start to the season and his record in the transfer market has been especially come under the hammer.

 Although Liverpool has had a poor start,it is quite early for a Brendan Rodgers banner as the former Swansea man steered the club almost to a premier league title last season. Luis Suarez’s sale and improper investment of the funds are the main reasons for Liverpool’s poor start and also striker Mario Balotelli hasn’t hit the ground running and it looks like it will another short stay at a club for him.

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  1. BR should go before all lfc fans regret it has become more clearly tht his philosphy and tactics aint working and that last season it was luiz and sturridge combination giving the irishman extra credit

  2. Rogers out if nt Rafa nd Dalglish signings vs Gerald loyalty where were we to be???let rogers take his odour dog orgasm to adifferent pussy were exhausted of her unproductive sperms

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