How well do you know your club? Manchester United,Chelsea fans among the worst


From the first game you watch on TV to the latest scan of the back pages of the papers, throughout your time as a football fan, you pick up a few pieces of knowledge here and there, mainly about your club. It could be about the most recent game, where you’ve finished in the league the past few seasons or about a record signing, but whatever the stat, it stays in your head.

Remembering a few stats about your favourite team is pretty easy, but what about every single relevant one from the club’s foundation to last weekend? This is a question fans of all 20 clubs in the Premier League this season were asked in quiz called how well do you know your team. Created by Ladbrokes, it asked fans a series of questions, revealing whose fans are the smartest.

Strugglers show their brains
Although they’re not out of trouble just yet, Crystal Palace fans are among the smartest to take the test. 12% of their fans got all 10 questions right while collectively, an amazing 72% got at least 6/10, more than that of any other club. Palace fans have some company at the top of the knowledge table, mainly from some of the smaller sides in the Premier League.

Perhaps even more impressively, Hull City’s fans achieved perfection in the quiz more than any other team. An astonishing 16% managed to get every question right. Cardiff City, whose fans witnessed a thrilling 3-3 draw away with fellow relegation strugglers West Bromwich Albion, saw 12% of their fans achieve perfection. West Ham, meanwhile, saw just six fans fail to get a single correct answer.

Big boys shown up

As for the bigger teams, their fans’ knowledge appears to be a little hazy on the whole, with Manchester United being a prime example. Just 3% of Reds fans managed to get 10/10, while 63% of their fans got no more than five questions right. 64% of Chelsea fans did the same, but the biggest footballing dunces appear to be further east.

Norwich City fans sit at the bottom of the knowledge league. On average, Canaries fans get just 4/10, while 69% of their fans got no more than five correct answers. Stoke City had the highest proportion of scoreless results, with 3% of Potters getting a big fat zero.

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