5 Reasons why David Moyes has been good for Manchester United


Even Moyes seems shocked at our headline

Note-If you don’t get satire please don’t read more

Manchester United are now universally popular

Manchester United were easily the most hated club in the world when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge. Take a poll among football fans in any part of the world asking who they hated the most,Manchester United comfortably came first. David Moyes changed this completely,now even Liverpool fans love United and their manager.

Can you imagine Liverpool fans ever bringing out a banner like this in support of Fergie!? Moyes has united all of football together. He should become the next UN general secretary,may be he can bring world peace.

Evil Kagawa

United going spend £200m on summer reinforcement! Maybe they going build wall around of Old Trafford. Stop angry fan from killing Moyes!
— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) March 16, 2014

If Chelsea lose game and United beating Liverpool, Moyes say we can win title! Is he talking about title for most retard minded manager?
— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) March 15, 2014

Pardew receive 7 ban of game for push with head! If only Moyes receive 7 ban of game, we probably win league….and the heart of all Asia.
— Evil Kagawa (@evilkagawa) March 11, 2014

We all will be missing such kind of tweets if not for David Moyes who has kept Shinji Kagawa eternally benched. Twitter will be a lot less fun if not for Sir David.

No sleepless nights for Asian Fans

The majority of Manchester United’s fanbase are based in Asia and for years under Fergie they had to endure sleepless nights just to watch United play in Europe. Legendary manager David Moyes understood the pain of not having to sleep and made sure that United don’t play in Europe next year and the Asian United fans can sleep peacefully throughout the year. This special privilege has been snatched from Liverpool whose fans were enjoying good sleep for almost 4 years now.

Juan Mata probably will get a good summer of rest

The way United are playing at the moment,there is no way Mata is getting on the plane to Brazil. So instead of sitting on the bench and watching his national team win the world cup,he ll be having a peaceful holiday in Spain. Which is good news for United!

David De Gea

David De Gea is possibly the best keeper in the Premier League right now. His save against Luis Suarez was possibly the best of the season.

But De Gea will get chances to make such kind of saves only if the defence is so fragile and leaky. Look at how Jones was turned by Suarez. David Moyes has changed this United defence in such a way that De Gea gets to become Spain’s No 1 at the earliest(Problem is even Barca are doing the same with Valdes).

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