Talking Points From the Weekend:Messi,Ronaldo,Suarez?

Return of the Striking duo?Suarez and Sturridge,Negredo and Aguero,Van Persie and Rooney,Llorente and Tevez. This season we have seen the revival of the striking duo which is surprising considering the success of the 4-2-3-1 and the false 9 . But they are not playing in plain old 4-4-2,one of the striker needs drop back or move out wide to help his side. Against Spurs,it was Negredo who dragged Dawson out of the back line with his movement while Dawson was initially reluctant to push forward because of Aguero’s pace. This combination was lethal and it showed the way Spurs defence played.

What next for Tom Cleverley?

A completely anonymous performance against Cardiff,Cleverley struggled to do anything required of a central midfielder to do. When he first arrived,he was seen as a carrier,a player who could carry the ball forward and also someone who has a good finish. At present he looks out of sorts,especially when his partner isn’t the calm Michael Carrick. He sure will get his chance again as Moyes only other option is Anderson.


Manuel Pelligrini said that Sergio Aguero was the third best player in the world,but at the moment it looks like he is behind a certain Uruguayan. Luis Suarez has improved upon all facets of his game in the past one year,he now is a brilliant header of the ball,a great free kick taker and his movement has improved even more. Add to that,his finishing and his close control he just might be the most complete player after the aforementioned two.

There is no stopping Bayern

La Liga might just become the second most boring league for neutral after Bayern Munich opened up a 7 point lead over Borussia Dortmund. With the Bayern machine showing no signs of a slowdown and with key players to come back from injury,it doesn’t look like there will any title race at all. With Pepe still playing Philip Lahm as the sole holding midfielder,we are in for exciting times in the Champions League. Somehow i have a feeling that Bayern will be undone by a strong counter attacking side like Real Madrid.

Manchester United and Set Pieces

Manchester United aren’t the tallest in the league and when you consider the amount of goals Patrice Evra has been scoring,it is a surprise. The goal that Evra scored was a similar to Van Persie’s winner against Arsenal,a short diagonal run to the near post where the perfect ball from Wayne Rooney awaits you. Some football purists will hate the fact that Manchester United win so many points from set pieces alone,well for them here is a solution. Head over to the League Of Your Own and you can change the table by taking out various elements like Penalties,corners,etc. Go there and try various combinations to find your team in a better position and then you have a very good point to argue with your friends.


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