Leroy Fer-What Everton fans can expect

Leroy Fer will sign for Everton after passing his medicals. The Dutch international, aged 23, was one of the most silent moves in this transfer market. After being transferred from Feyenoord to Twente one and half year ago, the midfielder will have an opportunity to showcase his skills in the Premier League.

Physically gifted (1,88 m) he’s known as “The Bouncer” for his outstanding jumping skills. He can play in the three central positions in the midfield but it is as a central midfielder that he feels most comfortable. 
He’s often compared to Patrick Vieira due the similarities in their playing styles. Personally i think Fer is faster and techically much more gifted than the former Arsenal captain. He certainly is energetic and can break up play like the Frenchman used to in his heyday,but his distribution of the ball is better. I compare him to Yaya Touré in technique and Patrick Vieira in physique.

For £7m ,he certainly is a bargain and it is a surprise that Everton managed to close the deal soon without attracting much attention and more importantly no big club was interested. His energy, versatility and all action style of play makes him a perfect for the Premier League and especially Everton. With a small squad and generally battling injury problems,Fer will be a welcome addition to Moyes’s squad 

He’s a strong tackler, can score with his head and has a good shooting range. For someone in his position he has scored quite a few number of goals for both Twente and Feyernood. One area where he has to improve is his left foot,which is quite weak and he generally prefers to pass the ball with his right foot.

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