Premier League Week #2-Chalkboards

Picture Courtesy-Graeme Bandeira

David Silva-Premier League’s best Playmaker?

Now that Cesc Fabregas has gone back to Barcelona,the best playmaker in England title is up for grabs,David Silva against Bolton showed that the title is most likely to be his.More importantly he was full of energy during the game against Bolton and the chalkboard below shows that he was all over the pitch. There is no particular area of the pitch where his passing is concentrated.

Arsene Wenger has a lot to worry

Both the Arsenal wingers had a horrid time against Liverpool.Walcott and Arshavin,neither of them managed to have any effect on the game.The Arshavin of Euro-2008 is long gone and exciting new talent like Ryo and Oxlade-Chamberlain puts his future in doubt.The Chalkboard below shows that none of their crosses into the penalty box managed to find the target.
 Note-The First top Chalkboard is of Arshavin’s and not Theo’s as shown below.

Some reason to cheer for Wenger

Emmanuel Frimpong had a great game before being sent off.He is exactly the kind of player whom Arsenal desperately have been missing all these years.
Note-The first chalkboard shows the interceptions of Frimpong and not the tackles as mentioned.


Bosingwa-A Natural Wingback

The following chalkboard illustrates how much a natural wing back like Bosingwa contributes to the attacking play of Chelsea.The period when Bosingwa was injured,Ivanovic played at right back,although a reliable player he doesn’t have the same attacking thrust as Bosingwa. Chelsea since the days of Mourinho have relied on their wing backs for width.(this chalkboard courtesy a certain ‘personalfowl’ from the guardian site)

Charlie Adam has become more responsible

Just last week we mentioned on our blog,about Adam becoming more responsible at Liverpool and stop hitting those long “hollywood” balls.He certainly has adjusted his game and slowly but surely he is changing his game for good.

Pennant Vs Etherington

Even though Pennant is enjoying a new lease of life under Tony Pulis,Stoke’s attacks mainly come from the left as shown below in the second chalkboard.And in the match against Norwich,we see that the passing is more on the right side,this is due to the fact that Pennant was injured and Etherington shifted to the right.

 by Guardian Chalkboards


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