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Why it doesn’t make sense for Real Madrid to sign Gareth Bale

As we all know,Real Madrid are doing all they can to sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham. And Daniel Levy is doing all he can to either stop it or get more money depending on which paper you believe. But the most important question is do Real Madrid really need the Welsh winger?

Last season,arguably Bale’s best season till now was when under AVB,Bale took up a more central role. Drifting in more than usual,he started taking more shots on goal rarely going down the line and putting in a cross into the box. This in a way is similar to Ronaldo’s evolution from a one tricky pony right winger in his early days at United to a player who starts out wide but moves into central areas. The below video shows exactly when Ronaldo is at his best.

So for Ronaldo to continue in the same way,Bale has to either play on the right wing or warm the bench. But with signing of Isco and with Kaka and Di Maria still at Madrid,we can rule out both the options. Ronaldo moving up and playing as a number 9 is the move which makes most sense,but will Ronaldo be happy about it? Or may be somehow Ancelotti can come up with a genius plan to fit in both,maybe both of them swapping positions,one drifting in and the other moving out wide!

Below is another Gary Neville video which shows him talking about a Gareth Bale goal,just see how similar his positioning is to Ronaldo’s.

“Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?”

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